Medicare Part A: Annual Hospital Services
Services ProvidedMedicare PaysPlan PaysYou Pay
0-60 daysEverything except Part A deductible ($1,329)Part A deductible ($1,316)$0
61-90 daysEverything except $329 per day$329 per day$0
91 days onwards: During 60 hospital lifetime reserve daysEverything except $658 per day$658 per day$0
Post lifetime reserve days: Additional 1 year$0All Medicare eligible expenses$0
Additional 1 year$0$0All fees
Skilled Nursing Coverage
0-20 daysTotal approved amounts$0$0
21-100 daysEverything except $164.50 a dayUp to $164.50 a day$0
101 + days$0$0All costs
Blood Coverage
Initial 3 Pints$0All costs$0
Extra AmountsAll costs$0$0
Hospice CareLimited coinsurance provision for pharmaceuticals and inpatient respite servicesMedicare coinsurance$0
Medicare Part B: Annual Medical Services
Service ProvidedMedicare PaysPlan PaysYou Pay
Part B Deductible$0$0Part B Deductible ($183)
Remaining Medicare approved chargesUsually 80%All costs apart from up to $20 per office visit or $50 per ER visit (unless covered by Part A)Up to $20 per office visit or $50 per ER visit (unless covered by Part A)
Part B excess fees (over Medicare's approved fees)$0$0All fees
Blood Coverage
Initial 3 Pints$0All Costs0%
Additional blood$0$0Part B Deductible ($183)
Rest of Medicare approved fees80%Medicare eligible coinsurance fees$0